Friday, November 26, 2010

The Simpler the Better

Simple....I'm thankful this year for things being simpler and less stressed. Our Thanksgiving Holiday was simple, wonderful and very much enjoyable. We spent our time in Topeka, Kansas (about 5 hours from St. Louis) with my in-laws and really didn't do a lot but in a GOOD way. We had leisurely mornings of breakfast and coffee, took mid-morning runs, had lots of great meals and plenty of down time of playing with the kids, building Lego's and watching football. We didn't rush off to shop, try to squeeze in too much, just kept it simple, stayed close to home (their home) and enjoyed each other's company.

And now as we've returned home and started bringing out our own Christmas decorations and started planning for the month of December, I've found myself trying to keep that same attitude of simpler is better. I'm not overwhelming myself with trying to get too much done all at once and trusting it will get done in good time. I'm taking my decorating, shopping and list planning in stages and trying to enjoy it more than just tasking through to get it done. I've got Christmas music playing, savoring the moments with Cole and Campbell and trying to remember the good things this time of year brings! So how about you, what can be simpler and better in your life this holiday season? Want to join me in "the simpler the better" way of being for a change!

Best wishes,

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Stop Thinking & Start Doing

I’m a thinker, always have been and probably always will be to some extent but one thing I’ve learned is that no matter how much I think or get stuck in my head, until I actually do something about it, it doesn’t change.

The Big Fish Nation recent blog post on “Do you think too much” ( was a good reminder for me especially since lately I’ve been that person who felt like she was spinning her wheels and getting nowhere.

I’ve had lots of ideas and things I’ve wanted to do or get done but it just wasn’t happening and I was getting frustrated. In Lorin's post she says “The most frustrated people I know are not in action. When we get stuck, we often try to think our way into action, but that just gets us even more stuck. The only way out is to try something different: we can’t expect to get different results by just doing the same thing over and over.”

It’s so true and sometimes it’s just a baby step that I need to get jump started towards creating what I want most. With only 6 weeks left before the end of the year, I’m going to focus on getting out of my head and start taking more actions that align with my values, my goals and my dreams!

What about you, are you ready to get out of your head and step into action? Join me and the other amazing and inspiring women commenting on Lorin’s blog post about Big Fish Principle #7 “Choose your attitude and your actions and boldly act!”


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall Promotions

There is always something about this time of year that brings me a renewed focus and attention towards things that matter most. And whether it be projects, personal goals and or tweaks and changes to my routine, I always feel more energized and eager to do it now than say after the first of the year.

So if you find yourself in a similar place, wanting to jump start a project or make some changes (big or small) and don’t know where to start, check out my Fall Coaching Specials and Upcoming Personal Renewal Group and let’s do it together . There really is no better time to start living for you and loving life. I hope you’ll join me.

Fall Coaching Special for Mom’s ~
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**I always offer a FREE 20 minute coaching and consultation for anyone and everyone who is interested in learning more. Feel free to share this with friends and family too, free coaching is a wonderful thing!

Telephonic Personal Renewal Group for Mom’s starting
January 27th, 2011
• The group will meet every 3 weeks on a Thursday evening & is just for MOM’s
• Topics we’ll explore include: The Power of Self Care, Unleashing Your Creativity, Strategies for Greater Balance and are based on Renee Trudeau's book "The Mother's Guide to Self Renewal: How to Reclaim, Rejuvenate and Re-Balance Your Life"
• This group focuses on nurturing you and taking care of your well-being; it’s empowering, inspiring and the best gift you could give yourself!
• We meet telephonically so you can call in from anywhere
• Cost to join the group is normally $150 but if you sign up before Dec 1 st , you can join for only $99; packages with additional coaching are also available – just ask for more details

Visit my website or email me at with any questions you might have.

Best wishes,

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Being Kind Before Right

“Always have being kind come before being right.” (Lorin Beller Blake, Big Fish Principle #5) was one of my favorite topics discussed in the big fish program.

I loved it because it’s one of the principles that inspired us to not only be better business leaders but better people too (actually they all do but this one just speaks to me and who I am inside and out). Now don't get me wrong I've struggled with wanting to "be right" more times than not (especially with my spouse) but in the big scheme of things whether it be in a business meeting, a discussion with our friends or spouse or sometimes even in a power struggle with our child, having being kind come before being right allows for more open, honest & effective communication. And isn't that the type of behaviors we hope to teach, model and instill in our children, the future leaders of our world.

Learn more and be inspired too……read her blog post HERE.

Make it a great week, a week of kindness!

Take care,

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Letting Go

So this weekend, my 4.5 year old comes into the living room with his jeans on backwards acting as normal as can be, playing football, pretend tackling, having a grand old time just playing around as usual. I tried not to make a big deal about it but was definitely curious if he even noticed the difference or not with his zipper on the backside and said casually, “hey, did you know your pants were on backwards?”. He looked up briefly and said in return, “yeah, but it’s not bothering me and kept on playing.

I chuckled and thought to myself but your pants are on backwards, doesn’t that bug you? And while I wanted to ask him to switch them around and maybe even did once before I realized, WHY, it doesn’t matter how his pants are and it may look silly but if it’s not bothering him, it should not be bothering me! And then it was like I had those words stuck in my head all day “yeah but it’s not bothering me” as though I needed a reminder that if it’s not hurting anything or anybody then why does it matter?

I know it sounds simple, a pair of jeans backwards but how often as moms do we get caught up in little struggles with our children based on how we think things should be, whether that be as simple as what our children are wearing on any given day, to the way our house looks, the meals we cook or maybe even our own appearance that it causes undue stress and worry? And while letting things go isn’t always the easiest to do, it definitely is a choice we can make that might be less stressful and make for a much more enjoyable day! He ending up wearing them that way for the most of the day and never thought a second about it.

How about you, are there things you could let go of that would cause less stress and or make your day more enjoyable? Give it a try, it might be easier than you think!

Wishing you all the best this week in letting go and having fun!

Take care,

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


This past weekend I got to spend some MUCH NEEDED time with one of my dearest and best girlfriends who came into town for a visit with me and my family. We’ve known each other for many years and have been there for each other through heartbreaks, job changes, weddings, births, children drama and much, much more.

And while we haven’t even lived in the same city since 2004, she’s someone who has always been a constant in my life. She’s someone I can ALWAYS count on no matter what to listen, to encourage, to SUPPORT, to comfort, to inspire and MOTIVATE me to be the person I want to be. She knows the true me, understands my VALUES, my goals and holds that higher vision for me at times when I can’t even see if myself. She’s a wonderful person inside and out and I’m so lucky to have her SUPPORT in my life. And when we get to spend time together like we did this past weekend: talking, walking, laughing, reminiscing, eating, drinking, relaxing on top of all the normal family stuff I had going on, it’s just a REMINDER of how important it is to take the time to be with friends and re-connect again and again. And more importantly to have someone in my life who KNOWS ME and is there to SUPPORT me at all stages of life.

What about you, do you have a support person and or a TRUE FRIEND who knows you inside and out? Are you that person for someone else? We all need SUPPORT and a friend new or old is a great thing to have!

Wishing you a great week full of support!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Back in the Saddle

Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve been on here but I’m happy to share that I actually practiced what I preach and took full advantage of my maternity leave…..and honestly I loved every minute of it! I definitely missed connecting with my clients and the work that I do with moms but also was able to be really present with my children and tried to soak up as much of this precious time as I could. Good times for sure!

And while I was out, I realized something…….I realized that I have lots of ideas and thoughts on things I want to post on my blog but I also seem to procrastinate more often than not without ever coming through. So I did a little soul searching to try and figure out what has going on and realized I had turned my blog (at least in my head I had) into something bigger or daunting than it needed to be. I kept procrastinating because I was waiting until I had something big and insightful to post but when in reality my intention for my blog all along was that it just be practical, fun and quick & easy to read. And hopefully it too will be insightful, inspiring and motivating for some.

So here’s to getting back in the saddle and trying again. How about you, what are you procrastinating on and might need a little push to get back on that horse again?

Let me know how I can support you!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

3 months & counting.....

Wow, it’s hard to believe it’s already been 3 months….where does the time go? I remember thinking at 2 months I really wanted to check in but the days and weeks just seem to fly by. For us, it’s been a lot about adjusting to a new family of four, dealing with emotional issues w/ my 4 year old and caring for the needs of the baby. Not to mention my sister’s wedding in Vegas last week and just normal life stuff.

The wedding was beautiful with plenty of good times & memories but a trip like that definitely forced us to figure out how to gel as a family even more. I’m not sure I’d ever really given enough credit to what it meant to expand our family (although others told me it can be a challenge at times) until recently when the newness had started to wear off and things started getting a little more real or should I say surreal!

It’s definitely not easy juggling the needs and demands of two kids and some days go smoother than others but slowly we are figuring it out and making the best of it. I wouldn’t change it for the world and on those days when I literally crawl into bed, I thank GOD that I survived and remind myself that at least tomorrow is a whole new day with new adventures awaiting!

How about you, what do you do at the end of a long day to remember the good and re-energize for a NEW day tomorrow?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Overdrive Mornings

Today was definitely a trying to do too much morning if you know what I mean. I started the morning being more tired than usual and from the second I got up my mind was racing with things I needed to get done or “should” do before I took Cole to school. Looking back several hours later, isn’t hindsight great…….that “should” was exactly what got me in trouble.

Instead of realizing I was already tired and just getting Cole & myself breakfast, dressed and out the door (along with feeding the baby) was going to be a stretch in itself, I put this undue pressure on myself to try and squeeze in a few more “quick” things and we ALL paid for it. It was nothing I had to get done right that minute; I simply was just trying to do too much when all I really needed was to surrender.

Surrender to the fact that I was tired, running on little energy and needed to focus on what had to be done and let the other little things go. I try to tell myself often to let it go, it’s not important right now when I start feeling overwhelmed but I was quickly reminded this morning how easily I can fall back into routines of acting like I’m super MOM and trying to squeeze in just one more thing into an already busy day. I’m thankful for the reminder and have given myself permission to let it go today so hopefully we end better than we started!!! How about you, would letting go of the “shoulds” or surrendering sometimes make your life any easier?

Let me know if I can help you in any way! Angela

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Celebrating Campbell

Our sweet little Campbell was born, Feb 23rd and officially had her 1 month check up this week. Despite a few projectile vomiting incidents, a little reflux and baby acne, she’s doing great! She doesn’t cry a lot, doesn’t demand much other than to be fed (but who doesn’t) and goes with the flow most of the time. I don’t know if it’s that I’m more relaxed or she’s a more laid back baby than Cole was (probably some of both) but it’s like she is just meant to be a part of our family. Not that we haven’t had adjustment issues or aren’t still going through our growing pains as we definitely are, it’s just that it feels like she belongs and always has....

And the good news it that she and I are both starting to come out of our newborn fog - yeah! :) She’s becoming more alert and starting to smile and respond to us which is soo amazing!! The smiles and the coos are the reminder that the last few weeks of no sleep and feeling so off at times are all worth it!! And with this being my second, I know that even more greatness is yet to come!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Anxiously Waiting!

My house is full of emotions right now as we all anxiously await the arrival of our sweet baby girl!! I’m 2 days shy of 39 weeks and getting really uncomfortable. Just trying to put socks and shoes on this morning seemed like a major production. And walking, well it’s full of excitement as I feel like the baby is about to drop out any second. I’ve got Cole asking every day is today the day my baby sister arrives and Jason at every moan or groan I make checking in to see if I’m having a contraction and if today is the day……its’ all out of love I know in that everyone is so excited but craziness too as I don’t know when she’ll arrive!

And now we are faced with the question of to induce or not to induce. It’s such a personal thing and so many people have so many differing opinions on the subject. Even in my own home, we weren’t in total agreement at first. I was on board because it gave me the much needed planning time to coordinate care for Cole, etc and not to mention relief to my body and emotional state with all this waiting. Jason on the other hand wasn’t too excited to be forcing what’s supposed to be such a natural thing – although I’m already dilated and cervix is thinning. Its generated lots of discussion among us and prompted a close examination into whether or not Cole was induced – it was not a planned induction but I was given pitocin and my doctor broke my water. Jason went with me this morning to visit with the doctor and I’m so glad he did as no matter what the decision ends up being, I definitely want us to be on the same page. As it stands right now, it looks like we’ll be inducing next week but I’m secretly hoping she comes this weekend!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Taking Care of ME!

It definitely was one of those weeks where I found myself struggling to make self care a priority. Between a sick little one, a visiting mom who needs some extra care and assistance as she recovers from a broken arm and just a lot of things to do before the baby is born, I found myself easily putting my needs off for another day. While I’ve practiced self care for a couple years now and fully understand the benefits of it (more patience, less stress, overall happiness, etc), it’s weeks like this where it seems sometimes that it’s easier said than done.

But just like with any weight loss program or anything we truly want to do, I’m reminded that I do have a choice! I can decide everyday on how, when and what I’ll do to make my self care a priority. On days when I have a sick child who becomes my top priority and a ton of things to do, I can choose to find creative or simple ways where I can still make time for ME. It’s not always easy, but in order to get some “me” time in that day, I may just have to let the laundry go one more day, say no to something just so I can relax in the bath while I have help from my husband in the evening , go to bed early or nap when my son naps. Simply stated I can re-energize myself and feel rested when I focus on taking care of me . And while I’m the first to admit that it’s easier to let my self care and my needs drop to the bottom of the list (this week is an example) than it is to make it a priority, I've come to realize letting myself go only makes me more grumpy, stressed and not a lot of fun to be around!

I’m working to continue to make my self care a priority despite a lot on my plate, what about you – what choices can you make today to join me in taking care of YOU?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Turn Baby, Turn......

I officially made it to the 34 week mark this weekend with the pregnancy and the baby is still in the breech position. I’ve known she was breech since about 30 weeks but was hoping she’d turn. And I know I still have time and will be trying everything I can to help her feel a little more motivated to make her move but even in the womb they have a mind of their own and you can’t make them do anything! :)

I’ve been given all different kings of advice of how to help her along from submerging in a pool of water, doing prenatal yoga poses (which ironically I’ve already been doing for the last several weeks) to the one the doctor even recommended at least trying which was called moxibustion. Apparently moxibustion is a Chinese herbal technique which involves burning the herb mugwort over an acupuncture point found near the right ankle. I know it may sound crazy to some but it’s funny the things you’ll open up to and at least try when you find yourself with limited options. I've tried accupuncture in the past and didn't have great success but here I'm again willing to give it a try. Luckily there is someone here in St. Louis who does the technique and I’ll be looking into having it done at 36 weeks, if she doesn’t turn before then on her own.

So the mantra in our house these days as we all work busily to prepare for her arrival is “Turn Baby, Turn!” How about you, any mantra's you find your self or family saying as we start the new year?

Monday, January 11, 2010


A new year always brings new opportunities, new possibilities and excitement in the air. I love looking back and reflecting on all the great moments (not always joyous but moments none the less) life had to offer over the past 12 months and then looking forward to all the possibilities that another year can bring.

Some of us set resolutions or goals for the year and I like to first set intentions of how I want to “BE” in the upcoming year. I also set simple goals that help me to accomplish that feeling or behavior along the way but most importantly I reflect on how I want the year to be and go from there. For example in 2009, my intentions were to be more playful (have more fun), be more trusting (worry less) and truly love & enjoy my life. And once I had that defined, I set some specific goals around ways I could have more fun like more date nights with my hubby, more family outings on the weekends, a gratitude reminder of all the blessings I had in my life vs focusing on what I didn’t have. I think both intentions and goals are important and starting with how you want to “BE” is a great way to focus your goals around who you want to be in this world vs. setting goals because you think you “should” have them.

Many of us will have goals like reduce fat in my diet, go the gym 3 times a week, lose 10 pounds, etc. Which are great and specific goals but what if you started w/ first, how do I want to be or feel in 2010……maybe it’s more energetic, more clear headed or walk with more spring in my step. Whatever it is, there is a feeling, a way of being that you probably want more of in your life and I encourage you to find that first and then set your goals. It's always been a more win-win way for me and I'm sure it will be for you too! And if you need help, just let me know as I'm happy to support you any way I can.

What’s possible for YOU with a NEW way of BEING in 2010??

Monday, January 4, 2010

End to 2009

Well 2009 ended with a bang (literally) with my mom falling and breaking her arm on Christmas Eve Day while visiting from Dallas. She spent many hours in the ER that afternoon but was determined to be home in time to say goodnight to Cole and also be here when he woke up Christmas morning. And while she was in pain and delayed a surgery on her arm until she returned to Dallas, she got both her wishes. His face Christmas morning was of pure amazement when he saw Santa’s half eaten cookie that was left and the toys under the tree. 4 is such a magical age and his face and amazement was priceless. I totally understand why she wanted to be here so bad, despite the pain!!

I’m happy to report that her surgery went well and she’s in a recovery process now but I know for her and us it was long week in between. So while a trip to the ER was not expected or what I’d wish on anyone during the holiday season, accidents happen and you deal with them as best you can.

And despite the fall, we still had some wonderful times and memories over the holiday and were thrilled to spend time with friends and family. We traveled to see my in-laws and rang in the New Year with them and some how found time to work on a much needed home improvement project all before 2010 arrived!!

I look forward to the many blessings and opportunities to come in 2010 for me, my family, my friends and all of you!