Saturday, January 30, 2010

Taking Care of ME!

It definitely was one of those weeks where I found myself struggling to make self care a priority. Between a sick little one, a visiting mom who needs some extra care and assistance as she recovers from a broken arm and just a lot of things to do before the baby is born, I found myself easily putting my needs off for another day. While I’ve practiced self care for a couple years now and fully understand the benefits of it (more patience, less stress, overall happiness, etc), it’s weeks like this where it seems sometimes that it’s easier said than done.

But just like with any weight loss program or anything we truly want to do, I’m reminded that I do have a choice! I can decide everyday on how, when and what I’ll do to make my self care a priority. On days when I have a sick child who becomes my top priority and a ton of things to do, I can choose to find creative or simple ways where I can still make time for ME. It’s not always easy, but in order to get some “me” time in that day, I may just have to let the laundry go one more day, say no to something just so I can relax in the bath while I have help from my husband in the evening , go to bed early or nap when my son naps. Simply stated I can re-energize myself and feel rested when I focus on taking care of me . And while I’m the first to admit that it’s easier to let my self care and my needs drop to the bottom of the list (this week is an example) than it is to make it a priority, I've come to realize letting myself go only makes me more grumpy, stressed and not a lot of fun to be around!

I’m working to continue to make my self care a priority despite a lot on my plate, what about you – what choices can you make today to join me in taking care of YOU?

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