Thursday, April 22, 2010

Overdrive Mornings

Today was definitely a trying to do too much morning if you know what I mean. I started the morning being more tired than usual and from the second I got up my mind was racing with things I needed to get done or “should” do before I took Cole to school. Looking back several hours later, isn’t hindsight great…….that “should” was exactly what got me in trouble.

Instead of realizing I was already tired and just getting Cole & myself breakfast, dressed and out the door (along with feeding the baby) was going to be a stretch in itself, I put this undue pressure on myself to try and squeeze in a few more “quick” things and we ALL paid for it. It was nothing I had to get done right that minute; I simply was just trying to do too much when all I really needed was to surrender.

Surrender to the fact that I was tired, running on little energy and needed to focus on what had to be done and let the other little things go. I try to tell myself often to let it go, it’s not important right now when I start feeling overwhelmed but I was quickly reminded this morning how easily I can fall back into routines of acting like I’m super MOM and trying to squeeze in just one more thing into an already busy day. I’m thankful for the reminder and have given myself permission to let it go today so hopefully we end better than we started!!! How about you, would letting go of the “shoulds” or surrendering sometimes make your life any easier?

Let me know if I can help you in any way! Angela

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Celebrating Campbell

Our sweet little Campbell was born, Feb 23rd and officially had her 1 month check up this week. Despite a few projectile vomiting incidents, a little reflux and baby acne, she’s doing great! She doesn’t cry a lot, doesn’t demand much other than to be fed (but who doesn’t) and goes with the flow most of the time. I don’t know if it’s that I’m more relaxed or she’s a more laid back baby than Cole was (probably some of both) but it’s like she is just meant to be a part of our family. Not that we haven’t had adjustment issues or aren’t still going through our growing pains as we definitely are, it’s just that it feels like she belongs and always has....

And the good news it that she and I are both starting to come out of our newborn fog - yeah! :) She’s becoming more alert and starting to smile and respond to us which is soo amazing!! The smiles and the coos are the reminder that the last few weeks of no sleep and feeling so off at times are all worth it!! And with this being my second, I know that even more greatness is yet to come!