Monday, March 14, 2011

Staying Connected

So last week my telephonic personal renewal group and I discussed the topic of changing relationships and staying connected, a chapter in The Mother’s Guide to Self Renewal by Renee Trudeau. We talked a lot about how relationships change after having kids (both good and bad) and how hard it can be at times to give our relationship the care and attention it truly needs, especially when our kids are young.

We reminisced on what are relationships were like before kids came into the mix and then shared ideas and tips of things we do (or want/need to do) to stay connected with those we love. Some ideas were weekly check in’s where you both take 20 minutes to share what you’ve got going on the next week and where you may need a little extra support; more sweet and loving embraces, just as you would and or do for your kids when they come home or leave each day. Or another big one was time alone w/out the kids....true time w/out any interrruptions. Some struggled with finding sitters so a few ideas we came up with were having more lunch dates when the kids are at school or day care or even having an “at home” date night after the kids go to bed.

I know it sounds simple and nothing you haven’t heard of before but as we shared in the group, it’s the simple efforts that make such a difference. Sometimes just watching how we speak to one another or being less critical & more appreciative goes a long way. And sometimes it takes having to schedule reminders or actual dates on our calendars to help remember. I know, it sounds so “business like” putting it on your calendar but sometimes it’s what it takes to ensure we make the time.

What about you? Does your relationship need a tune up or some extra love and attention these days? Join me and my group members on setting a weekly goal to connect or re-connect with the ones we love the most! Keep is simple and doable but don’t let it slide, you and your loved ones (even your kids) will be glad you did.

And if you want to learn more about my telephonic personal renewal groups or topics we cover, you can find more information by clicking on my website, The Mom Exchange.

Cheers to love & connection! Angela