Friday, February 19, 2010

Anxiously Waiting!

My house is full of emotions right now as we all anxiously await the arrival of our sweet baby girl!! I’m 2 days shy of 39 weeks and getting really uncomfortable. Just trying to put socks and shoes on this morning seemed like a major production. And walking, well it’s full of excitement as I feel like the baby is about to drop out any second. I’ve got Cole asking every day is today the day my baby sister arrives and Jason at every moan or groan I make checking in to see if I’m having a contraction and if today is the day……its’ all out of love I know in that everyone is so excited but craziness too as I don’t know when she’ll arrive!

And now we are faced with the question of to induce or not to induce. It’s such a personal thing and so many people have so many differing opinions on the subject. Even in my own home, we weren’t in total agreement at first. I was on board because it gave me the much needed planning time to coordinate care for Cole, etc and not to mention relief to my body and emotional state with all this waiting. Jason on the other hand wasn’t too excited to be forcing what’s supposed to be such a natural thing – although I’m already dilated and cervix is thinning. Its generated lots of discussion among us and prompted a close examination into whether or not Cole was induced – it was not a planned induction but I was given pitocin and my doctor broke my water. Jason went with me this morning to visit with the doctor and I’m so glad he did as no matter what the decision ends up being, I definitely want us to be on the same page. As it stands right now, it looks like we’ll be inducing next week but I’m secretly hoping she comes this weekend!