Monday, January 4, 2010

End to 2009

Well 2009 ended with a bang (literally) with my mom falling and breaking her arm on Christmas Eve Day while visiting from Dallas. She spent many hours in the ER that afternoon but was determined to be home in time to say goodnight to Cole and also be here when he woke up Christmas morning. And while she was in pain and delayed a surgery on her arm until she returned to Dallas, she got both her wishes. His face Christmas morning was of pure amazement when he saw Santa’s half eaten cookie that was left and the toys under the tree. 4 is such a magical age and his face and amazement was priceless. I totally understand why she wanted to be here so bad, despite the pain!!

I’m happy to report that her surgery went well and she’s in a recovery process now but I know for her and us it was long week in between. So while a trip to the ER was not expected or what I’d wish on anyone during the holiday season, accidents happen and you deal with them as best you can.

And despite the fall, we still had some wonderful times and memories over the holiday and were thrilled to spend time with friends and family. We traveled to see my in-laws and rang in the New Year with them and some how found time to work on a much needed home improvement project all before 2010 arrived!!

I look forward to the many blessings and opportunities to come in 2010 for me, my family, my friends and all of you!

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