Monday, December 21, 2009

Enough is Enough

So there are officially 4 days until Christmas and I find myself still thinking of things I could still buy, things I should try and get done before the big day, etc. And then there was the nice reminder from the news today of did you remember to tip the trash man, postal carrier etc. And while I sat and pondered do I tip the trash man this year or give the money to a charity helping the homeless, I find myself asking the question, when is enough, enough? I had said yesterday how good I felt to be done with my shopping and ready to spend the next few days wrapping gifts, baking cookies with Cole and enjoying the last few days before the holiday and yet, here I am feeling like I need to be doing more. Is this the old overachiever in me coming out again or an overwhelming desire to please (maybe both)? What ever it is, I’m starting to reach my limit and have to say enough is enough!! The holidays shouldn’t be about killing ourselves, stressing ourselves out or over extending ourselves but should be about the memories we create, the time spent with the ones we love and remembering the true meaning of Christmas. I want to enjoy my holidays and not feel exhausted and overwhelmed, how about you?

My wish for you is that you stay true to yourself and to the meaning of Christmas and know when enough is enough! Angela

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