Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Being Kind Before Right

“Always have being kind come before being right.” (Lorin Beller Blake, Big Fish Principle #5) was one of my favorite topics discussed in the big fish program.

I loved it because it’s one of the principles that inspired us to not only be better business leaders but better people too (actually they all do but this one just speaks to me and who I am inside and out). Now don't get me wrong I've struggled with wanting to "be right" more times than not (especially with my spouse) but in the big scheme of things whether it be in a business meeting, a discussion with our friends or spouse or sometimes even in a power struggle with our child, having being kind come before being right allows for more open, honest & effective communication. And isn't that the type of behaviors we hope to teach, model and instill in our children, the future leaders of our world.

Learn more and be inspired too……read her blog post HERE.

Make it a great week, a week of kindness!

Take care,


  1. Hi, Angela! You are so right that this principle applies to EVERY relationship in our lives. I am the mother of three and wanted to share that creativity exercises like the mandala in my blog post ( http://www.creativelyfit.com/?cat=1) can be used to calm an upset child OR calm yourself as you attempt to not "lose it" and to come from a calmer, more centered place. I know you will enjoy the images. Have a great day! Whitney

  2. Amen, Angela and Whitney!

    Thanks Angela for the reminder that we're not just trying to be our "best selves" for ourselves, but also for the future generations. I don't have children, but I sure do still want to model KINDNESS (in all settings) for our future leaders!


  3. Hi Angela,
    Great point...especially when dealing with our children. Sometimes, in their youngness, they have an incredible need to be right...and mostly, kindness is the only right option. They will find their way as they observe our behavior. Thanks for your words!

  4. No doubt! They'll listen to what we say, but their behavior will be shaped by what we DO. That goes for children, spouses, staff, customers....and so on.