Friday, November 6, 2009

Shifting w/ Choice

So what happens when you have a bad day? Maybe the day before you handled the kids meltdowns with grace and ease or just felt on top of the world and BAM, the next day you are having just as many melt downs as they are and no one is happy. Does this happen to you? I know this definitely happens to me and sometimes I find myself spiraling right there with it and other days I catch myself and remember that I have a choice in the matter. One choice is of course to stay there and be with my bad mood or state of mind all day or another option is to choose to be someplace different, some place happier, more in control – anything better than what I’m experiencing in the spiral.

So how do you actually shift? The first step I know to be is always awareness, recognizing you are even in that place and what you are feeling in the moment. Some people say this is the hardest part, catching yourself in the moment but if and when you do, there are several things you can do to shift or change your perspective. Some people take a time out w/ deep breaths, maybe they dance to music or try laughing out loud or getting some fresh air for a change of scenery.

For me personally, a quick walk around my block can do wonders for me or even some fun music or smiling more tends to lift or change my mood. But lately knowing I can’t always walk due to weather or maybe music isn’t readily available, I’ve been trying another way where I take a deep breath (or two or three or four depending on the day), I close my eyes and then try to picture myself on the most beautiful sunny breeze filled beach type island I can imagine because for me the beach, the breeze, the sand in your toes is where I’m always the happiest and most at peace in my life. So I try to remember how I feel when I’m at the beach and then tell myself, that is how I want to be today. I want to relaxed, energetic, peaceful or maybe playful but not this grumpy, screaming at the kids person I’ve been all morning!!

Now I won’t lie to you, it’s not been super easy and is definitely taking practice but its something I want to practice and learn if it'll help me have more ease and happiness in my life. I remind myself I’m having to learn to build a muscle around this process and at the same time I find it so empowering to remember I’m in control, I have the power to change old habits, old ways of thinking and become the person I really want to be!!

So what about you – are you being the person you want to be? If not, what’s your way of shifting and what can you do to stand in your power of choice?

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