Friday, November 20, 2009

Enjoyable Family Photos

I doubt I’m alone in this one but family pictures are something I really don’t enjoy. I always want to have them but I hate the stress that leads up to them and then a lot of time the disappointment that follows. Well about a week ago we had our family pictures taken and it was actually a great experience!

I really wanted this year to be more enjoyable for all but then again I’m 6 months pregnant and expecting baby #2 in February so there was definitely some apprehension going into it!! But as I went through the process this year of getting ready for the big day, I tried to remind myself about what was really important. I tried to remember that the day was about capturing some fun shots of my son who just turned 4, and if we got a good family one, great – even better! I really tried to take the stress/pressure off this year but always in the back of my mind was hoping we’d get a good one or two – what mother doesn’t want that, right!

So while I did do a few things as I’ve done in the past, I really tried to stay focused on Cole. I checked the weather a few times but didn’t stress out too much when it said rain and the biggest and best thing I did was to continually remind myself that the day wasn’t about being perfect, looking perfect or any of the above, it was about capturing my son, my family and my precious baby growing inside me so that one day, we could all look back and remember how much fun we had!

And wouldn’t you know, the rain held off and the pictures turned out great thanks to our wonderful and amazing photographer Cheryl McDonald! She not only captured Cole, the entire family – even baby sister on the way, she captured us having fun which is what I wanted most – thanks Cheryl! Anyone who lives in the St. Louis area, I HIGHLY recommend Cheryl and you can check out her work at

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