Monday, November 2, 2009

Baby Steps!

So I’ve been saying for months that I wanted to start my blog for The Mom Exchange and for whatever reason: fear, insecurities, pc crashes, procrastination, the work with clients or on my website, I just kept putting it off. I kept telling myself I’ll work on it this week or tomorrow but nothing! And now as the end of the year quickly approaches (8 wks to go), I started to realize that I won’t even reach my goal of creating a blog in 2009 if I don’t start NOW!!! So here I am writing my first blog entry and to be honest, I’m very excited to finally be posting something. I have a tendency to sometimes make a mountain out of a mole-hill and let the smallest of things seem like some daunting task. I’ve always been somewhat of a procrastinator and remember my apt in college was never as clean as it was right before an exam or some big project that was due!

Does this ever happen to you? Are you one to put things off or wait until the last minute on a project for work or even something you know needs to be done around the house? Sometimes I need a little push or some encouragement to finally get started and sometimes I need to let something go depending on what it is and how important it is to my goals and my life priorities. As for my blog, it was something I really wanted and wasn’t going to let it go, I just needed to take that first baby step and get started! And I guess that goes for all of us, if we don’t ever take even the smallest of steps towards our goals then we surely can never accomplish them! So what is that you most need as the year ends to accomplish a goal that is still looming…..some encouragement, a gentle push of accountability or a reminder that we can always take baby steps because even the smallest of steps gets us one step closer to success!

And in case you were wondering, my hope with this blog is that it becomes a place to share insights, struggles and funnies in my journey as a mom, spouse, life coach, friend, daughter, sister granddaughter and more! My dream is that it creates a venue where I connect with other moms, share our stories, and support each other while having some fun along the way! I’m not sure yet the frequency of when or how often I’ll make postings but hopefully more often than not!

So here’s to my taking my first baby step and starting my blog…..WHO,HOO… feels good! :)


  1. Ang,
    I am so proud of you for getting the blog up and running! I think it will be an awesome way to share info and stories! Baby Steps is a nice way to start with the holidays coming up -we need to not take on too much! Thanks for being an inspiration!
    -Lisa (not a mom yet but gearing up to be)!!!

  2. SO VERY PROUD OF U MY FRIEND!! LOVE THE BLOG... all of your efforts will help make a difference in so many lives! CONGRATS!!!