Monday, November 9, 2009

Outside fun in November!

The weather here in St. Louis could not have been any nicer this past weekend (75-77 both days w/ full sunshine) and boy did we take advantage of it! We spent Friday night w/ friends and letting the kids play at our monthly pizza and play - a monthly get together where one family hosts pizza and drinks and gives the rest of us a nice break. Then we were off to Cole’s last soccer game on Saturday (warmest game we had) and then had some friends over for a simple dinner of grilling on the patio which was laid back and fabulous none the less.

Then Sunday morning as we ate breakfast and looked at how beautiful it was and Jason asked, "what's the plan for the day?" Cole quickly spoke up and said "We should go to the Zoo" and both Jason and I knew we wouldn't get many (if any) days like this until Spring so off we went to hurry and get ready and out the door by 8:30 am. We knew we had to get there early to beat some of the crowds and if you haven't even been to the St. Louis Zoo, I highly recommend it, it's an amazing zoo and more importantly it's free! We always have a wonderful time at the zoo but this was absolutely amazing with the greatest opportunities of being up close with many of the animals (we got some great video of the hippos swimming, one elephant looked like he was posing in our picture and the giraffe almost ate a leaf right out of Cole's hand)!

And the day would have been perfect if it wasn't for that little bee that had to sting Cole on the hand while we ate lunch. Of course he screamed and cried and my heart broke for him as I know how bad a bee sting can hurt. And all the same time while I tried to comfort my son I was panicking thinking please God, don't let this get any worse - please don't let this turn into a major allergic reaction as he's never been stung by a bee before. Luckily nothing more than some minor swelling occurred and he is totally fine but it was during those few minutes of unknown that were really scary. And best of all if you ask him if he had fun at the zoo he'll say yes, riding the train and seeing all the animals was awesome! :)

Not all weekends are this busy or fun to say the least but I guess the nice weather brought on some spontaneous play for us!! How about you – did you enjoy your weekend or do anything spontaneous?

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